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Mountains of the Bible

24/02/2019 Session 01

24/02/2019 Session 02

28/04/2019 Session 03

29/06/2019 – Summer BBQ

Who Should Listen to Jesus?

Q: Who should listen to Jesus?
A: Everyone who has ears!

In the Bible Jesus told many parables, but do we have ears to hear and eyes to see?  In this series we will look at some of the stories Jesus told and how they are applicable to us today.

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30/09/2018 Session 01 – The Wise & Foolish Builders (Eddie Frost)

28/10/2018 Session 02

25/11/2018 Session 03

Who are You, and Who is Jesus?

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24/09/2017 Session 01 – Jesus says “I am the Door” (Rob Whiteway) 

29/10/2017 Session 02 – Jesus says “I am the Good Shepherd” (Eddie Frost)

26/11/2017 Session 03 – Jesus says “I am the Bread of Life” (Rob Whiteway)

25/02/2018 Session 04 “I am the Vine” (Eddie Frost)

18/03/2018 Session 05 – Jesus says “I am the Resurrection and the Life” (Rob Whiteway) 

29/04/2018 Session 06 – Jesus says “I am the Way” (Eddie Frost)

20/05/2018 Session 07 – Jesus says “I am the Truth” (Rob Whiteway)

30/06/2018 Summer BBQ – Jairus’ Daughter (Rob Whiteway)
(Unfortunately our recording of this session is too poor quality to upload).

A Look at Luke:

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26/02/2017 Session 01 – The Certainty of the Life of Jesus  (Rob Whiteway)

26/03/2017 Session 02 – The Certainty of the Death of Jesus (Rob Whiteway)
(Unfortunately no audio is available for this session).

30/04/2017 Session 03 – The Certainty of the Resurrection of Jesus (Eddie Frost)

28/05/2017 Session 04 – The Certainty of the Return of Jesus (Eddie Frost)

25/06/2017 Session 05 – The Certainty of the Gospel (Eddie Frost)

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18/12/2016 – Carol Service