2018 Newsletter

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Croxteth Baptist Church — December 2018 Newsletter

As many of you will know we have been extremely grateful to partner with Bethel Church Liverpool over the past few years.  Although we have always had excellent links with other Churches (and especially Bethel) this partnership has developed significantly and recently a number of people from Bethel have committed to joining us, which is a great encouragement. Not only has this been a huge practical help, but it has also brought anew vibrancy to the Church which makes a notable impact.  We are grateful for the extra helping hands that this gives us, but we are even more grateful for the additional fellowship we now enjoy and the deepening relationships between individuals in both Churches.

Cafe Church and Family Services

The Café Church meetings have continued monthly and we have seen a growing number of regular attenders.

At the start of the year we began a monthly family service,which while aimed at the adults, is designed to be more accessible to the children by incorporating activities, illustrations and additional children’s songs into the service along with a short Bible talk.  Before these meetings we have breakfast to encourage conversation and make people feel welcome.  These services appear to have been well received and we intend to continue them throughout 2019.

Summer Mission Week 2018:

Over the Summer we were delighted to hold a mission weekwith Emmanuel & Associates International (run by Wyatt Gwin) and Bethel Church Liverpool as well as other friends. Wyatt arranged for volunteers to help from Churches in Colorado(Immanuel Community Church, Fort Collins) and Alabama (Southcrest Baptist Church, Bessemer).  During this week a series of special events where run at the Church (all of which where well attended), and the team took part in various activities throughout each day,including:

  • Going door to door in the community to share the Gospel, give out literature and invite our neighbours to the Church.
  • Standing outside the Church with a literature table and tea and coffee stand engaging with passers-by.
  • A prayer team praying for the conversations which were taking place throughout the day.
  • Carrying out vital maintenance work to the building which among other things included:
    • Removing the barbed wire
    • Replacing our worn-out timber eaves and gutters with UPVC
    • Removing window grills.
    • Painting window frames.
    • Rendering walls.

We found that this combination was an excellent benefit as it was possible for everyone to be involved in some way no matter what their age, personality or skill set. Additionally, each activity connected to the benefit of the mission as a whole (for instance when we met people on the doors some had noticed the work that was going on to the building which helped lead to conversations).

The above is a video of our recent Mission Week which has been put together by Josh Keiley using photographs from Ed Foy.